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Timeless Photography would like to take a few moments and remember those who have served our country and gave their greatest sacrifice which is themselves for us.  I can not think of anything more honorable.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it is important to remember those who have served and gave the greatest sacrifice which is themselves. We want to offer our gratitude by thanking those who have served by offering their widow, widower or children a complimentary portrait session of themselves. You are invited in studio during the month of June and will need to reach out to me to schedule.  This might have happened a great number of years ago but we understand it is still fresh in your memory even if not discussed much anymore.  Time will never erase those wounds but we want to honor your greatest sacrifice.  If you know of someone who lost a parent, grandparent, please send my blog link to them.  I will honor their sacrifice as their parent or spouse honored the USA.

The soldier in the photograph had this taken in Omaha at my studio right before her third tour in Afghanistan in 2016.  She went without complaint, with honor and is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.  She did not lose her life but lives life today at its fullest!   Thankyou Anna!


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Tweens, Self Esteem, and lets get it better! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/4/tweens-self-esteem-and-lets-get-it-better On this blog I want to focus on the kids that might need a lift. You don't have to feel like your child or grandchild is the only one going through difficulties in school with peers or siblings.  It happens in Nebraska, any neighborhood or school in the US.  We want to remind you that they are not alone and help you provide them with the tools they need to succeed.  I was one of those kids and it hurts. As an adult I can still remember that tween awkward pain. Timeless Nebraska Photography offers Tween Sessions!  

Our focus on the  session is that this is All About Them!  No other siblings or friends are welcome in studio for this session as we do not want to lose our focus on them.  We find out before the session what your tweens dreams and interests are and we have a tween photo session plan that focuses on that interest, hobby or sport.  My goal is to raise their self-esteem.  Let’s focus on what they are great at or what they love!  For each session the tween will get a special print they select to have for their room.  Mom and Dad can of course purchase more but the focus is on your tween only for this session.  Check that contact me button on my page and lets schedule!

I also have Grandparents that do this for holiday gifts!  It is hard to buy for tweens and sometimes cash is not a great idea for kids that age. It is all about the experience at Timeless Nebraska Photography and for those of you who do not know, I am in Omaha, Nebraska,  just on the fringe of Benson.  I photograph in studio under the lights and the tweens love it!  I have a special rate just for tweens and more information if you contact me.  

Have a great day! 



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Berkshire Hathaway Share Holders Meeting 2022 https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/4/berkshire-hathaway-share-holders-meeting-2022 One of the biggest events is coming to Omaha, NE and that is the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Share Holders Meeting April 30, 2022.  I will be there as the house photographer and you will see me on the show room floor, back stage and anywhere else I can get a shot.  

The Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting is an annual event where all the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway gather to hear from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger about the company's performance.  I will be photographing Greg Able for the first time at this year’s meeting.

If you are a shareholder, it is where you will get the annual report and all the information on companies featured at the show room floor.  If you are ever planning an event this one is the event to watch as it is done flawlessly.  

Omaha, Nebraska welcomes the shareholders and opens doors to all of the featured shareholder stores including Borsheim’s Jeweler, Dairy Queen, and Nebraska Furniture Mart with special shareholder discounts.  If you come to the convention hall, you will enjoy discount shopping at all exhibits and you must have shareholder credentials to participate.  The secret is to come to the convention hall Friday, a day early and spend the day.  

See you at the Event if you are a shareholder!  I love event photography! 


suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) Berkshire Hathaway conference event Nebraska Omaha shareholder showroom https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/4/berkshire-hathaway-share-holders-meeting-2022 Sat, 02 Apr 2022 04:15:23 GMT
Time to Book 2023 Seniors! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/3/time-to-book-2023-seniors It is hard to believe that Timeless Nebraska Photography needs to start booking the class of 2023!  Soon we will have green back in our lawns and the Omaha parks will be wonderful for those location sessions.  For a few years I had a price sheet that consisted of packages.  That never really worked.  I had forgotten that every family is as unique as the Senior that comes through my studio door at 5008 NW Radial Hwy.  I came up with a plan to create your own package and it will fit just about everyone.  There is no sense in getting a package that has product you do not want or need.  


Take a look at the magazine I just updated and published again today!  It will give you all kinds of information on how to prepare for your senior session!  The nice thing is I take care of submitting that image to the year book so you can just concentrate on school.  I take the time to find out what your senior is all about so their images shine!


Thanks for looking and talk soon everyone!


Timeless Nebraska Senior Magazine



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The Princess Dress https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/2/the-princess-dress Petra came into studio and was my latest senior to wear the princess dress.  We had a great session!  The story behind the princess dress is not unusual for me.  I am a Photographer that believes in re-purposing what I can in this world.  I was at a conference in Grand Island and stopped into Good Will to do my prop shopping and retail therapy as I call it.  I saw the most beautiful dress by the front.  My immediate thought was princess and my Seniors agree.  Most young women dream about a prince charming from a young age and this dress fits the story.  As they grow into adulthood that thought is in their minds and prom dresses take precedence.  This princess dress could also be thought of as a dress for many occasions and I prefer to think of it just for a princess.  I love it when they want to wear it and glad I captured this image of my dancer Petra in it.  

suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) charming dress prince prom senior wedding https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/2/the-princess-dress Sat, 12 Feb 2022 22:34:24 GMT
Tween Photo Session! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/1/tween-photo-session It was super fun to have this young lady in studio for her photo-shoot.  Her Grandmother surprised Mom & Dad during the holidays with pictures of their child.  It is a great idea for the parent, grandparent or person who has everything and a super fun experience for the tween!  This young lady has a love a books!   What was my solution to that dillemna?  Put her in her favorite story!  Happy Day for a TWEEN!


suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) Book Nebraska Omaha TimelessPhotography Tween https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/1/tween-photo-session Sat, 22 Jan 2022 23:49:17 GMT
Covid, Omicron, Safety at Timeless Photography! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2022/1/covid-omicron-safety-at-timeless-photography How is Covid affecting Timeless Photography?

This has been a long couple of years and shows no sign of ending soon.  I thank you for your patience as we navigate this Omicron in Nebraska to keep all of us healthy for the future!

Your safety and health are my main concern.  Everyone affiliated with Nebraska Headshot Photography on photo sessions is fully vaccinated and I have a booster.  I am masking up for photo sessions when requested and am fully sanitizing the studio.  Of course, I would not expect anyone I am photographing to wear a mask but will ask you limit guests you bring to your photo sessions for the safety of us all.  I have plenty of room in studio so no one is on top of each other and you also have a private dressing room that is clean and sanitized for your needs.

When I am in the field photographing real estate and commercial jobs, you will see me in a mask and possibly gloves if I am in homes shooting real estate.  I am trying to keep myself, commercial and real estate clients along with your employees healthy too!  Please understand it is out of respect for anyone,  vaccinated or not.  I am not taking any political side as I respect everyone’s opinion but think it is very important you know what to expect out of my studio.

#1 rule with Timeless Photography is be SAFE!  If you do not feel well, I would rather have you reschedule your appointment.  It is that simple.  Thanks and Be Well!


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Timeless Photography and Weddings https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/10/timeless-photography-and-weddings The situation warranted for Timeless Photography to photograph a wedding.  A photographer I know came down with Covid just a couple days before Timothy and Tylynn's special day and since I was already in their town which is Hastings, Nebraska, I stepped up that day to photograph this amazing wedding held at the Brader Country Barn.  Photographers will help another when we have emergencies.  Grace Lewis answered the call to be assist and 2nd camera that day. We   were new with working together, but I could not have asked for a better assistant.   I enjoyed this wedding and the couple were super nice and we went with the flow of the day!  It is very hard for a couple to place their trust in total strangers but all of us felt at home.   The wedding God's smiled on us that day and we captured images that expressed Timothy and Tylynn's deep love of each other and their family.  That is what it is all about!  

suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) barn brader country glenvil hastings nebraska wedding https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/10/timeless-photography-and-weddings Mon, 11 Oct 2021 16:58:28 GMT
Headshot Photography https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/9/headshot-photography Hello!

Let's discuss Headshot Photography!  I have started a business division that focuses on headshots.  I will be launching Nebraska Headshot Photography in Omaha to serve the Nebraska, Iowa, and neighboring states.  I bet you might have some questions in how a new headshot benefits you and improves your image?  I encourage you to read below and see if I would be a good fit for you, your business and brand!

What characteristics should I be looking at when I'm looking for a photographer?

First, ask yourself what kind of photograph you would like. Do you want something that is more natural or do you want something more high-key? Also, think about if you’re going to need a branding photo in your workplace as well as individual photos.  Nebraska Headshots can fit the bill.  We have mobile studios that can set up anywhere or you are welcome to come into studio which is located in Omaha, NE.  

Headshots are an important part of branding and marketing for those in the industry. And it is not just actors, models, and musicians who benefit from a professional headshot. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, real estate agents, educators, doctors - anyone who is looking to stand out in their field should consider investing in a professional headshot.  If your headshot is dated, it is time to get a new one.  This is now your digital signature to the world. 

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a photographer is how much experience they have with commercial portraits. Experience working with business people will make them more likely to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your headshot.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America and have the experience to create the image you are looking for.

Very soon my new web page, "Nebraska Headshot Photography" will be live.  For now, please look at the banner of headshots on this main page to see if my style will fit yours!  If you email me through my website to schedule and like my page, you will qualify for an extra headshot image at no additional charge!  This offer good through November 2021.

Thanks as always and have a great fall season!  



Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC




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What to wear on your Senior Photography Session with Timeless Nebraska! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/7/what-to-wear-on-your-senior-photography-session-with-timeless-nebraska I am a photographer who is simple by nature.  I do not like to complicate sessions and prefer to have my clients be comfortable but please do not wear your pajamas to your senior photography session in Omaha!  In all seriousness, I want my clients to send me photos of what they want to wear.  I love to design my lighting and backdrops, so I am also prepared when you walk in the door!  Part of a senior session at Timeless Photography is in studio and those are the images that most seniors select to print!  I can better control my lighting and do not have to worry about weather.  Outside we get more casual.  This is all about you so we discuss urban and nature as choices for location decisions.  Get your senior photos done before you get back to school!  You will be very busy your Senior Year! 

That being said…. My suggestions are absolutely let your Mom take you shopping but know that I want you comfortable so also bring your favorite hoody, jeans, t-shirt, dress clothes and uniform for what sport, or activity you participate in.  I will help you select what to wear.   The secret between us is that Mom’s shopping trip clothes are a way to get new outfits, but you rarely photograph well in those new clothes unless you absolutely love them.  They just do not fit right until you have broken them in.  Do that shopping about a month before the session is my suggestion.  Wear them!  VonMaur, The Gap, Levi’s,  Aeropostale, & Forever 21 all have fun choices so enjoy the shopping trip.  If you do not care to shop, wear what makes you feel happy!  

Try to avoid patterns on clothes.  I want the focus on you and your face and not so much the pattern you might like that is a trend.  Classic and timeless clothes are always the best choices.  Let me know your favorite color.  We will incorporate that!  Let's photograph you in your dress clothes!  Have a prom dress you care to bring? DO IT!   This session is all about you, but we also want Mom & Dad happy.  I will make sure we get all the images you want in what you want to wear.  More is better in this case so bring them.  Understand that the final choice is yours and you will be the one looking at these images in the future.  My goal is you are happy!


Thanks, and Happy Shopping! 




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Clean out and HOT HOT HOT https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/6/clean-out-and-hot-hot-hot Hello Everyone!  

The temps in Nebraska have been hot hot hot and the "College World Series" is in full swing!  This is the time of year Omaha will see heavy swings in weather and the lightening will be calling me to photograph!  I have yet to pull out the camera for that as I have been in studio clearing out the old and bringing in the new!  I have to find a new location as my secret covered spaces to photograph storms from from do not have the view I am looking for this year.  The Omaha riverside construction at this time is not pretty through the lens.  I am on the hunt so look for a few landscapes in the future sprinkled in my portrait work. 

I invested in new lights this last year and I have them suspended from the ceiling and backdrops hanging on my rails.  I invested in some neat pop up back drops to take on location for Headshots and am excited for this to be more in my future.  As I bring in the new, I decided a lot of old props need to go.   Those that know me well, will appreciate my love for repurposing everything so they were donated to the local thrift stores and after 3 car loads, I feel like I can breathe again in studio.  My old lights were donated to the Omaha Film Festival and their educational program film students will make good use of them.  I brought in a local landscape photographer who reached out for some "headshots" and am really happy with how my lights are performing!  Mark Collins was fun to have in studio! 

Thanks for tuning in and see you all soon!


suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) Festival Film Headshots Omaha https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/6/clean-out-and-hot-hot-hot Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:53:35 GMT
Mask Freedom-Bring on the smiles! https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/6/mask-freedom-bring-on-the-smiles As Summer comes upon us, It is so wonderful to see everyone smiling!  My job is really hard when mine is hidden behind a mask. The freedom from the mask was felt as the Omaha temperature yesterday was a record 108 degrees and to wear a mask would have been pretty unbearable.  I declined to pull out the camera yesterday as the heat can bake a camera pretty easily and I prefer not to melt my equipment.   A note to all... Remember your pets everyone!  Paws can be painful on hot cement and tar and never leave them in the car during this weather. 

As I am focusing on photographing headshots in the future.  I was excited to bring in a college graduate to my studio.  Beau was a wonderful client and he has a future in the business world with his smile, finesse and education.  It is a pleasure to photograph a young gentleman in a suit entering the workforce.  Who knows what his future would hold but he might just follow in his parents footsteps, running J. H. Stuckey Distributing.  I had the pleasure of photographing their businesses and that is a story for another blog in the future.  I hope Beau finds his future in the city of Omaha!  We need our graduates to stay in Nebraska!  

Again, thanks to all who are sharing their smiles!  The day is fantastic when that happens.




suzanne@timelessnebraska.com (Timeless Photography by Suzanne LLC) https://www.timelessphotographybysuzanne.com/blog/2021/6/mask-freedom-bring-on-the-smiles Sat, 19 Jun 2021 02:59:20 GMT