Mask Freedom-Bring on the smiles!

June 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

As Summer comes upon us, It is so wonderful to see everyone smiling!  My job is really hard when mine is hidden behind a mask. The freedom from the mask was felt as the Omaha temperature yesterday was a record 108 degrees and to wear a mask would have been pretty unbearable.  I declined to pull out the camera yesterday as the heat can bake a camera pretty easily and I prefer not to melt my equipment.   A note to all... Remember your pets everyone!  Paws can be painful on hot cement and tar and never leave them in the car during this weather. 

As I am focusing on photographing headshots in the future.  I was excited to bring in a college graduate to my studio.  Beau was a wonderful client and he has a future in the business world with his smile, finesse and education.  It is a pleasure to photograph a young gentleman in a suit entering the workforce.  Who knows what his future would hold but he might just follow in his parents footsteps, running J. H. Stuckey Distributing.  I had the pleasure of photographing their businesses and that is a story for another blog in the future.  I hope Beau finds his future in the city of Omaha!  We need our graduates to stay in Nebraska!  

Again, thanks to all who are sharing their smiles!  The day is fantastic when that happens.





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