What to wear on your Senior Photography Session with Timeless Nebraska!

July 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I am a photographer who is simple by nature.  I do not like to complicate sessions and prefer to have my clients be comfortable but please do not wear your pajamas to your senior photography session in Omaha!  In all seriousness, I want my clients to send me photos of what they want to wear.  I love to design my lighting and backdrops, so I am also prepared when you walk in the door!  Part of a senior session at Timeless Photography is in studio and those are the images that most seniors select to print!  I can better control my lighting and do not have to worry about weather.  Outside we get more casual.  This is all about you so we discuss urban and nature as choices for location decisions.  Get your senior photos done before you get back to school!  You will be very busy your Senior Year! 

That being said…. My suggestions are absolutely let your Mom take you shopping but know that I want you comfortable so also bring your favorite hoody, jeans, t-shirt, dress clothes and uniform for what sport, or activity you participate in.  I will help you select what to wear.   The secret between us is that Mom’s shopping trip clothes are a way to get new outfits, but you rarely photograph well in those new clothes unless you absolutely love them.  They just do not fit right until you have broken them in.  Do that shopping about a month before the session is my suggestion.  Wear them!  VonMaur, The Gap, Levi’s,  Aeropostale, & Forever 21 all have fun choices so enjoy the shopping trip.  If you do not care to shop, wear what makes you feel happy!  

Try to avoid patterns on clothes.  I want the focus on you and your face and not so much the pattern you might like that is a trend.  Classic and timeless clothes are always the best choices.  Let me know your favorite color.  We will incorporate that!  Let's photograph you in your dress clothes!  Have a prom dress you care to bring? DO IT!   This session is all about you, but we also want Mom & Dad happy.  I will make sure we get all the images you want in what you want to wear.  More is better in this case so bring them.  Understand that the final choice is yours and you will be the one looking at these images in the future.  My goal is you are happy!


Thanks, and Happy Shopping! 





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