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Let's discuss Headshot Photography!  I have started a business division that focuses on headshots.  I will be launching Nebraska Headshot Photography in Omaha to serve the Nebraska, Iowa, and neighboring states.  I bet you might have some questions in how a new headshot benefits you and improves your image?  I encourage you to read below and see if I would be a good fit for you, your business and brand!

What characteristics should I be looking at when I'm looking for a photographer?

First, ask yourself what kind of photograph you would like. Do you want something that is more natural or do you want something more high-key? Also, think about if you’re going to need a branding photo in your workplace as well as individual photos.  Nebraska Headshots can fit the bill.  We have mobile studios that can set up anywhere or you are welcome to come into studio which is located in Omaha, NE.  

Headshots are an important part of branding and marketing for those in the industry. And it is not just actors, models, and musicians who benefit from a professional headshot. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, real estate agents, educators, doctors - anyone who is looking to stand out in their field should consider investing in a professional headshot.  If your headshot is dated, it is time to get a new one.  This is now your digital signature to the world. 

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a photographer is how much experience they have with commercial portraits. Experience working with business people will make them more likely to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your headshot.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America and have the experience to create the image you are looking for.

Very soon my new web page, "Nebraska Headshot Photography" will be live.  For now, please look at the banner of headshots on this main page to see if my style will fit yours!  If you email me through my website to schedule and like my page, you will qualify for an extra headshot image at no additional charge!  This offer good through November 2021.

Thanks as always and have a great fall season!  



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